RESOLVED:  In 2020, we will win back the White House & the U.S. Senate, and Keep Congressional NY19 and the NY State Senate blue! 

What You Can Do At Home

“Reclaim Our Vote” postcards to disenfranchised voters in states like N. Carolina and Georgia. We’ll provide you with postcards and addresses. You provide the pens and postage. Contact:

Postcards to Voters are friendly, handwritten reminders from volunteers to targeted voters, giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast. You will be sent a voter list and messaging from the organizers. Can be done individually or as a group activity.

Write letters to voters with Vote Forward.  Send personalized letters to targeted voters in swing states. You can select the state(s) you wish to “adopt”.  Addresses and messaging are provided (you provide the paper & postage).  Instead of being sent out immediately, they are stockpiled and mailed right before the General Election.

Help Our Federal & State Candidates

Rep. Delgado and State Senate candidates that overlap with NY19 will need help organizing online meet & greets, phonebanks, and post card writing.  To offer your help, please contact

Suggestions for Donating Locally

IndivisibleNY19 and NY19Votes are completely volunteer-run groups who build and sustain resistance activities in NY19.  Your donation will support the direct costs of our activism in the 19th district — such as meeting room rental, printing, posters, art supplies, clipboards, transportation, snacks for volunteers, and whatever is needed to mobilize volunteers! is a new PAC founded by former New Paltz High School and current college student Eli Duncan-Gilmour. It will organize peer-to-peer voter registration and turnout amongst youth voters.

ACLU   Help protect the rights and liberties of people across the country. Right now, they’re: Protecting free speech and the right to protest; Defending reproductive freedom; Fighting anti-LGBTQ discrimination; & Safeguarding the rights of refugees and immigrants.

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