After a year of sheltering in place due to Covid-19, scores of activists and concerned citizens enthusiastically took to the streets in Kingston to uplift the national John Lewis Voting Rights Action Day, along with over 150 cities across the county.

The day began with County Executive Pat Ryan reading a proclamation designating May 8, 2021 as John Lewis Voting Advancement Act Day. He was joined by elected officials Antonio Delgado, Michelle Hinchey, Juan Figueora, Dave Clegg, March Gallagher, and Abe Uchitelle, and community activists Maude Bruce, Evelyn Clarke, Sajaa Tracey, Liz Lee, Tyrone Wilson, Keith Gurgui, Adriana Magana, Marisa McClinton, Rebekah Hendricks, and Tamiki & Martin Dunkley.
Music was provided by national recording artist Simi Stone, the Percussionists of the Center for Creative Education and the New Pro Baptist Choir. The Kingston rally and march were featured several times in the national broadcast on Saturday.
Watch the video below with the day’s highlights:

Video credit: Tobe Carey

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