Will you join our national action in support of Big Tech Anti-Trust Legislation? Specifically, Senate bill 2992 (sponsor: Sen. Amy Klobuchar). /HR 3816 (sponsor: Rep, David Cicilline):
  • “The American Innovation and Choice Online Act [AICOA, H.R. 3816S. 2992] would … [prevent] dominant platforms from abusing their gatekeeper power by favoring their own products or services, disadvantaging rivals, or discriminating among businesses that use their platforms in a manner that would materially harm competition on the platform, [for example by] preventing another business’s product or service from interoperating with the dominant platform or another business; [by] requiring a business to buy a dominant platform’s goods or services for preferred placement on its platform; [by] misusing a business’s data to compete against them; [or by] biasing search results in favor of the dominant firm.” —Sponsor’s press release
  • This bill has bipartisan support, backed by overwhelming public support across party Iines. It has moved out of committee and ready to move forward for a floor vote. We’ve been advised by the national team to give Sen. Scjhuer and Rep. Delgado a push. Let’s get this over the finish call, by calling them today!

    Sen.. Schumer  (202) 224-6542
    Rep. Delgado 202-225-5614

Suggested script, make it your own:

“This is [your name] from [your town]. I am calling to urge [Sen. Schumer/Rep. Delgado} to support the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, to stop dominant tech companies from abusing their gatekeeper status. These bills would give Internet users more control over the products and services they use and create a better Internet that preserves our democracy. Thank you.


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