The U.S. Senate is back in session. Let’s Get Build Back Better (BBB) DONE! As a reminder, BBB can be passed as a “reconciliation” bill requiring a simple majority and is not subject to the filibuster.

Call or Write Senator Schumer. (202) 224-6542

“Hello, this is [your name] calling from [town, zip]. I am calling to ask Senator Schumer to move quickly to close on Build Back Better priorities and pass a reconciliation bill. It is critical for Senator Schumer to pull together support for this agenda among all 50 Democrats.

I ask the Senator to focus on the basics:

– create a green energy economy with good paying jobs and lower our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

– address family needs with lower prescription drug and medicare costs and 4 weeks of family leave.

– properly fund the IRS so it can collect the $7 trillion in “lost” tax revenue from the ultra billionaires.

The time is now to prioritize and act. Thank you!”

Let’s make sure #DemocratsDeliver

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