Dear Editor,

For decades, American corporations have strengthened their hold over the American worker. CEO compensation has soared while employees have seen their real wages stagnate or decrease; their once-secure benefits vanish; their ability to organize unions restricted; their mobility in pursuit of better lives brought to a halt. Corporate donors have fed the Republican politicians committed to maintaining that status quo.

The COVID disaster has shaken the corporate stranglehold, and Democrats in Congress and the President have pushed hard for change. They passed the American Rescue Plan—with no GOP votes—to keep the economy afloat while Americans could slowly recover from the pandemic devastation.

Workers’ comeback has been fast. Under President Biden, the nation has recovered over six million jobs, the fastest in history.  The unemployment rate is at historic lows, with new claims down to nearly unimaginable totals. Even better, wages have increased significantly, and workers are now finding new power to demand health benefits, retirement plans, and flexibility in scheduling. Remote communication has translated into increased worker negotiation power and opportunities. Employees now can dream again about relocating to improve their families’ lives, not being frozen in a precarious job status.

Price increases, attributable to supply line distributions, corporate price gouging, and the overseas war have tempered wage gains. The Federal Reserve is making moves to cool the economy, and the Biden administration is acting to bring down the prices of gas and prescription drugs.

When prices drop to much lower levels, as they will, strong wage gains and improved standards of living will remain. There are good reasons to believe that American workers like their new power and will fight to keep it. They should think hard about which political party will have their backs. What does history tell us? Democrats deliver for workers.

Tom Denton

Highland, N.Y.