The Farm Bill is a comprehensive package of legislation passed once every five years [most recently  in 2018] that has a direct impact on agriculture, food systems, and consumers. It covers programs ranging from crop insurance for farmers to healthy food access for low-income families.

The Farm Bill has different sections — known as titles — that can change over time. The 2018 Farm Bill had 12 titles. Out of those 12 titles, Title Four, is the most relevant for anti-hunger advocates. The Nutrition title covers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), as well as a variety of smaller nutrition programs to help individuals and families with low-incomes afford food. [Source:]

SNAP receives the largest share of appropriations in the Farm Bill (In 2018, $325.8B out of a total $428B).

The 2023 Farm Bill first must be drafted, debated, and voted upon by the House and Senate committees on Agriculture. As a member of the House Ag committee and its sub-committee on Nutrition, Foreign Agriculture, and Horticulture, Rep. Molinaro has a key role in how the Farm Bill will be shaped.

Politico“GOP hardliners are still fuming over the deal House Speaker Kevin McCarthy struck with President Joe Biden to raise the debt limit earlier this month, especially a provision that could expand the number of people on federal food aid. And they are keen to take another swing at limiting that anti-hunger program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, up for reauthorization in the farm bill — which promises to be politically polarizing.”

Per this YouTube interview, Rep. Molinaro remains vague concerning his intentions toward SNAP (he supports helping poor people but doesn’t support how the checks are processed). SNAP discussion at 4:30 mark.

Our actions focus on SNAP and food security, as outlined in four priority bills here

Call or write Rep. Molinaro (NY19) at (202) 225-5441 DC Office or 

This is (your name) a constituent from (town, county).

SNAP remains the most effective anti-hunger program we have in the United States. The detrimental and lifelong consequences of childhood poverty and resulting hunger are well documented. SNAP has a critical role in improving the health of people across the nation, especially among the most vulnerable Americans, decreasing negative health outcomes in children and increasing economic self-sufficiency in women.

Rep. Molinaro has said his family were food stamp recipients. As he is a member of the Agriculture Committee, I urge him to ensure that no child, no family is deprived in any way of full SNAP benefits that his family benefitted from.  He must protect the agreement made by Pres. Biden and Leader McCarthy during the debt ceiling negotiations that would expand the age group of people on food aid subject to work requirements, and include new exemptions from work requirements for veterans, homeless people and those aging out of the foster care system. Thank you.

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