Photo courtesy of Tobe Carey
Full length video here

Indivisible Ulster and Olive Action hosted a rally in Kingston, NY, to Reclaim Medicare from Greedy Corporate CEO’s

For generations, Medicare has been the rock solid guarantee of healthcare for seniors and people with disabilities. But now some bad acting health insurance CEO’s, motivated by insatiable greed, are using Medicare (dis)Advantage plans to delay and deny patients care and defraud taxpayers billions.

On Tuesday, July 25th, Social Security Works, Public Citizen, People’s Action, Center for Medicare Advocacy, Center for Popular Democracy, Physicians for a National Health Program, Center for Health and Democracy joined with Be A Hero in Washington DC to call on President Biden to take action. Then on July 30th, Medicare’s Birthday, volunteers hosted Reclaim Medicare Birthday Parties all across the country celebrated the 58th anniversary of Medicare, and helped bring national attention to why we must reclaim Medicare.

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