(Source: Indivisible)


Donald Trump is once again signaling his intent to try to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) if elected to a second term. It’s a chilling reminder of the battle we fought and won in 2017.

Trump’s recent post on Truth Social falsely claims ACA costs are out of control and that it provides inadequate healthcare. He also (laughably) says that he’s looking into alternatives. Remember, despite repeated assurances and promises from Trump before and during his 2016 election campaign to replace the Affordable Care Act with a superior health care plan, no such plan ever materialized.

In 2017, our collective efforts, town halls, die-ins, and constituent pressure made the difference. We reminded elected officials that healthcare matters, and their constituents won’t stand idly by as it’s ripped away. And we won.

Today, we need to inform as many voters as possible about Donald Trump’s threat to take away healthcare from millions of people and remind folks that the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines of the 2024 election — and we need to force our Republican Members of Congress on the record about it, or publicize that they won’t commit to protecting healthcare protections for millions.

  1. If your rep is Marc Molinaro (NY19),  write an LTE demanding that he denounce Trump’s threats to the Affordable Care Act. With Trump, once again, putting our health care in his sights, make sure your representatives know that they must publicly oppose taking away healthcare from millions of Americans. More how-to’s here.
  2. If your rep is Pat Ryan (NY18), write an LTE about Trump’s threat to repeal the ACA. We need to make sure every American knows that he’s planning to strip away healthcare from millions of people. This is a direct attack on the health and safety of the people alongside what would have a devastating impact on our economy. Make sure your community knows what’s at stake next November. More how-to’s here.


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